Sustainability: Toxic-Free Process Inks

Another initiative in our continuous sustainability improvement efforts is our decision to use the Sustainable Ink Series of Process Inks as sourced from Epple Druckfarben in Germany.

Epple is a family-owned business which has been developing eco-friendly processes and sustainable product alternatives for the past 20yrs. In fact, Epple was the first manufacturer to come up with a sheet-fed offset ink based on renewable raw materials and free of mineral oil.


The Sustainable Ink Series is free of mineral oil, free of toxic substances and free of hazard labelling – all important values for business too. Additionally, the quality of their eco inks are up to the quality and ability for their use, and comply with all legal and social requirements.


As the leading producer of offset printing inks, Epple has demonstrated its power of innovation with early development of mineral oil-free eco-series and special types of ink for very long washing intervals in perfecting printing. This has also been demonstrated in the sector of inks for foodstuff packaging with the patented products BoFood® MU and BoFood® Organic. PURe® is setting new standards as a third technology offset ink system, which completely avoids the use of metal dryers or photo initiators.

Both sustainability and flexibility in business are top priorities at the medium sized family-run company. Unlike practically any other company, Epple is in the position to provide tailor made solutions for the individual requirements of their global customers.


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