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Two Sides is a global initiative with membership across the graphic communications value chain; from forest to print and on to recovery and recycling. Two Sides promotes the responsible use of paper and print which, when sourced from certified or sustainably managed forests, is a uniquely powerful and natural communications medium.


Our common goal is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper are attractive, practical and sustainable communication mediums.

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By uniting with common purpose behind Two Sides our industry aspires to ensure that, in a world of scare resources, print and paper's unique recyclable and renewable qualities can be enjoyed for generations to come. Two Sides is further committed to ensuring that print and paper remains versatile, effective and powerful means of marketing and communication, stretching the imagination and imparting knowledge.

Myths and Facts

The Myths and Facts brochure sets out all you need to know about the sustainability of print and paper. A perfect way to tell the truth about our industry!

  • The Myth - Making paper destroys forests
  • The Myth - Paper and print is a wasteful product
  • The Myth - Planted forests are bad for the environment
  • The Myth - Paper is bad for the environment
  • The Myth - Paper is energy intensive and has a high carbon footprint
  • The Myth - Only recycled paper should be used
  • The Myth - Electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than paper and print
  • The Myth - People want to switch to digital.​​​​​​

Download The Myths and Facts brochure here.


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