Sustainability Message: Paper Packaging - The Natural Choice

Well-designed, efficiently produced, appropriately used and responsibly disposed-of packaging provides multiple benefits. It is essential to prevent product damage and can help extend a product’s life. It helps improve efficiency in the supply chain and provides safe and convenient access to goods.


Packaging communicates vital information to the customer whilst providing a great ‘unboxing experience’ to those receiving gifts or luxury items. However, poor material choices are damaging to both brands and the planet.

The impact on the environment caused by discarded, man-made materials has reached critical levels.

There is now a greater need than ever for packaging to be sustainable throughout its life cycle.  Packaging should incorporate eco-design at its inception, use responsibly sourced raw materials, and be manufactured using efficient processes that are driven by renewable energy. Packaging should be re-used or recycled wherever possible, then sent to the most appropriate end-of-life solution, such as incineration for energy generation or composting.

Paper packaging is part of the solution. Paper packaging is made from wood fibre, a natural and renewable material that is highly recycled.  It is the sustainable choice.


Types of Paper Packaging

There are many different types of paper packaging, circular by nature, used and suitable for both product and transit packaging…

  • Corrugated Boxes – typically used for bulk movement of goods, a corrugated box is a multi-layered paper product which has unrivalled strength to weight ratio making it extremely efficient and beneficial from a logistics perspective.
  • Cartonboard Boxes – these are versatile and widely used, offering an excellent combination of product protection, lightweight construction and a great print surface.
  • Beverage Cartons – Versatile, multi-layered construction can be used to pack a wide array of liquids. Recent moves by retailers and brand owners to eliminate unnecessary single-use packaging has seen the format used to package other home care liquids such as detergents.
  • Dry Food & Pet Food Bags – these are strong, easy and fast to fill, stackable on pallets, fully recyclable (containing no plastic), fully biodegradable, economical and attractive.
  • Paper E-Commerce Mailing Bags – the alternative to polybags has significant environmental benefits as they are made from renewable material, recyclable through normal municipal waste collections and biodegradable.
  • Industrial Paper Sacks – strong and durable, allowing for weights of up to 25kg to be packaged safely using long and strong wood fibre, typically virgin fibre, which can be recycled.


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