Sustainability: Introducing Good Wood Pallet Recycling

Throughout the month, our bulk orders of locally supplied paper and printing products are delivered on wooden pallets. These are stacked up at the back of our factory where the friendly team from Good Wood come and collect them.

Based in Mount Maunganui, Good Wood is a brilliant service offering pallet collection and recycling to businesses throughout our region.


We are on a mission to save 1,000,000 tonnes of recycled material from entering landfill by 2030.

- Good Wood.


The Good Wood truck comes to Pure Print, Tauranga, when we call them with enough pallets to collect - the minimum is 15 pallets. We can also drop off to their recycling station if we have a smaller number to clear of our yard.

Good Wood then turns our pallets and all the other wood they collect throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions into mulch, animal bedding, playground surfacing or firewood.

It's a fantastic service and we are proud to be part of a recycling solution for our community.



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