Steve Survives "Drop the Boss" Fundraiser

Our brave leader manages to walk away safely and with a smile on his face after his 10,000ft skydive for charity.

Booked to take his leap-of-faith around lunchtime, Pure Print managing director, Steve Wagstaff, unfortunately had all morning to realise what he was getting into and try to calm the nerves before his massive jump for charity.

A dedicated team of Pure Printers were on hand to cheer him on and get some happy snaps for posterity (check out the fun footage below). As well as ensure he didn't sneak out at the last minute!

Thanks to everyone who helped us raise close to $800 for local children participating in Dingle Foundation programmes!

The "Drop the Boss" initiative is a fun activity created as a way to support local businesses wanting to help raise funds for the fantastic Dingle Foundation programmes including GDF programmes, KiwiCan, Stars and Project K. All funds raised directly to the 3,500 local kids currently participating in these programmes to be the best they can be.