Pure Print Team Zucchini Growing Competition

Each year, the team here at Pure Print have a bit of fun in the lead-up to our annual Christmas party with a vege growing competition of some form resulting in some great free entertainment, some rather dubious humour and some delicious home-grown produce to enjoy. This year the team has chosen the zany zucchini as our vegetable of choice.

In this blog we will keep you updated on our progress, photographic evidence and the results to our 'Zucchini Growing Competition'...

We will be offering prizes this year for:

  1. Largest Zucchini
  2. Smallest Zucchini
  3. Biggest Girth
  4. Mystery Category (TBA)

With final judging (and sampling!) taking place at our annual Christmas party on Saturday, 21st December.

Watch this space for more photos, updates and final prize winners!

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