Pure Potato Madness

In Sept 2018, we kicked off our fantastic potato growing competition which was a huge hit with everyone in the team, culminating with judging and prize giving at our Xmas party in December.

Lead by our dynamic administrator and all round organiser, Shelli, with the generous support of Mitre10 Papamoa supplying all participants with a complete growing kit of a growing bag, growing medium, fertliser and, of course, a potato, it was awesome to see everyone get involved in this delicious and hilarious activity.

A special thanks to Mitre10 Papamoa for supplying our very smart Growing Kit including a growing bag, growing medium, fertiliser and a potato!

Our first ever Potato Growing Competition officially started on 1st September with all participants and growers bringing their wonderful produce to be weighed, judged and counted at our annual Christmas bash on 7th December.

This was such a great activity, as you can see from the photos below. While everyone who participated was a winner taking home a delicious yield of home-grown spuds for the family, our judges had cash prizes for the big winners on the day, including:

  • Heaviest Yield = Grant Wilson
  • Biggest Yield = Shelli Craven
  • Largest Potato = Rachael Somerville
  • Smallest Potato = Jude Terry
  • Best Dressed "Mr Potato Head" Themed T-Shirt
    • Male = Kevin Ash
    • Female = Shelli Craven


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    Alex's Potatoes Pam's Potatoes Alex's Potatoes Kevin's Potatoes John's Potatoes Pam's Potatoes Large & small Inspecting the crops Judging starts Alex & Dennis Alex Grant - Heaviest Yield Dennis Jude & Paul Jude & Rachael - Smallest & Largest Potatoes Karen & Grant John Rachael - Largest Potato Shelli - Biggest Yield Rachael Shelli & Steve Rob Shelli - Biggest Yield Steve Eddie & Steve Tracey Eddie & Steve