Getting Your Branded Print Collateral Sorted

Now is the time of year to pull together all your branded print collateral into one place and really take a critical look at it all...

  • Does it all work together?
  • Are the colours consistent and does my brand stand out well?
  • Does everything look good? Is there anything that needs upgrading, replacing or updating?
  • Do I have everything I need for the sales & marketing activities we are planning to undertake this year? eg. workshops, seminars, trade shows, displays, business meetings, etc
  • Is there anything that we don't need any more and are we able to reuse or recycle it?
  • Do you have everything you need to present your business well?

Your printed branded stationery and promotional items are the "face" you are showing your customers and target market on a daily basis.

When you take a look at all your printed branded collateral together, are you making a good impression or is everything looking a bit shabby or haphazard?

Some of the essentials you need to consider for your branded print collateral stock should be:

  • Business Cards - Printed both sides! No point in wasting valuable space on such an important communication tool.
  • Good quality pens
  • Letterhead - For printing reports, proposals or introductory letters
  • Compliments Slips - For including with any product or information you send out
  • Stickers - A great way to add your brand to any document, parcel, product or gift
  • Presentation Folder - Especially one with a business card holder
  • Brochures/Flyers - For handing out at seminars, workshops, events, etc

Give us a call if you need help with reviewing your branded collateral and stationery as we can also give you some feedback, make a few suggestions and even bring samples of other ideas for your consideration.


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