Cooney Lees Morgan Lunchbreak Battle 2020

Every year, Sport BOP & Cooney Lees Morgan hold a challenge for Tauranga workers to step out from behind the desk, get active and show why your workplace is the 2020 Lunchbreak Battle Champion!

We decided to join the Cooney Lees Morgan Lunchbreak Battle this year as organised by Sport BOP, and were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and positive team building results of this experience.

The CLM Lunchbreak Battle was an awesome team building event. Everyone seemed more more engaged with each other and with work after each Thursday. They came back buzzing!

When our print client, Cooney Lees Morgan, invited us to join their annual Lunchbreak Battle this year we were blown away by the fact that almost ALL of our staff were keen to participate in this annual event.

Held every Thursday for three weeks the event kicked of on Thursday 27th Feb with an Indoor Rowing challenge, followed by a Scavenger Run the following week and finally the 'K-Valley Cycle Relay' on Thursday, 12th March.

When we put the call out for a Pure Print team of four to enter, we couldn't believe it when almost all our staff put their hands up so we ended up setting up a rota system so that a different team of four could participate each week - this did mean that some people had to miss out, unfortunately.

The 100% Pure teams did incredibly well considering we had a new team participating in the challenges each week and, in hindsight, there are advantages with having the same team stay together each week. Next year we will register more teams so that the more competitive people can be on one team and the more social participants can be in their own teams so that no-one misses out.

This really is a fantastic team building activity and all our staff enjoyed participating in the different challenges including the rowing machines, bike & cycling activities and a hilarious scavenger hunt.

Although our 100% Pure combo team of 12 participants came 13th out of the 19 teams which entered, we are all keen to enter again next year!

A big congratulations to the TOP 3 teams announced at the end of this event including:

  • 1st - Hurt for Furt (Ballance)
  • 2nd - P&D Team (CLM)
  • 3rd Equal - Tuis (TCC) and Movers & Shakers (Waiotahi Contractors)

Here's a few snapshots from our experience so you can see what you missed and we will be definitely entering more teams into this event next year!


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