Business Christmas Cards are Still Worthwhile

Christmas cards are such a great way to sign off the year on a positive note with all your customers and business contacts. This is your opportunity to say how much you appreciate their business with a quick personal message on a beautifully printed, branded Christmas card.

So how can you make yours memorable? Well here are three ways to make your Christmas cards stand above the rest.

1. Personalize

Do not send those bulk Christmas cards that you bought from the $2 shop. Instead customize greeting cards that include your logo on the front and other graphics that reflect your company culture. Also, personalize not only the card but also the message – make it short and easy to read but sincere and still reflecting the company culture. If possible, sign with key members of staff – a little thing that people really notice.

2. Give it Purpose

Christmas time is a time for giving and sending a card at this time of year is a way of showing thoughtfulness and appreciation but for business what this really is – is marketing. There is nothing shameful about this as it kills two birds with one stone so to speak – by demonstrating your company’s appreciation while simultaneously and rightfully identifying this effort as an opportunity to create more business.

You can give it a purpose by:

  • Including a business card or discount coupon
  • Set up a landing page on your website and invite recipients to visit the page for a special holiday message
  • Ask and offer a reward for any referrals.

3. Be Creative

There are many ways to be creative when designing a card from the material to the font and the possibilities are endless. Although, as stated your corporate Christmas card needs to reflect your company culture.

Wanting some next-level corporate Christmas cards printed? Then just give us a call and we can help with everything from design to print as well as recommending stylish and environmentally friendly paper options.


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