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As Tauranga’s leading printer of paper shopping bags, we thought you might also want to know more about the reasons (obvious) and options (many!) for switching to paper bags for your business.

In recent years there has been growing recognition of the impact that single-use packaging, particularly plastic, has on the environment. There are concerns that relatively little plastic packaging is recycled with a 16% AU average in 2021. When discarded irresponsibly, plastics are a significant contributor to marine pollution.

Paper Bags – An attractive alternative

The raw material for paper bags, wood, is a renewable and sustainable resource. In Australia and New Zealand, paper comes from managed regrowth forests or planted forests where the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting is carefully controlled.


Paper recycling rates in Australia are amongst the highest in the world, with over 87% of all paper and cardboard being recovered (58% globally). Even if a paper bag is irresponsibly discarded, due to its natural compostable characteristics it will have a relatively low impact.

And contrary to popular belief, paper bags can be very robust! Kraft paper is especially developed for demanding packaging. Due to its long and strong virgin fibres, it has a high level of mechanical strength. The choice of glue and a proficient construction of the handles add even more to the bag’s strength and durability.

How paper bags compare environmentally

Making reliable comparisons of the environmental impacts of different types of shopping bags can be complicated.

UK Supermarket Morrisons have brought paper bag back, saving 1,300 tonnes of plastic a year and their research has revealed that their virgin-fibre paper bags and the plastic bags they’re replacing have an equivalent carbon footprint. Also, at their end of life, their paper bags will have a much higher chance of being recycled; being placed in curb side paper recycling.

Also, their research showed that customers will re-use their paper bags at least 3 times to reduce their environmental impact. Their customer data showed that about 71% of their customers don’t buy new bags.

Taking the next step with your paper bags

Overall, it can be concluded that paper bags, easily reused and recycled, and made with wood from sustainably managed forests, are the natural choice for consumers and retailers.

Your Pure Print representative can advise you on paper options and bag styles to get you into the best bag for your business.


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