BJ Ball Paper Circle - Innovation in the world of paper!

We enjoyed another great update at a recent BJ Ball Paper Circle gathering in Tauranga where Rachel Foye, Business Development Manager - Corporate, presented us with a number of exciting developments and new technologies in the world of paper and printing.

Thanks for coming along to Paper Circle in Tauranga on Friday. Evajean and I hope it was a pleasant experience and you went away with some inspiration for future designs and paper choices.

-Rachel Foye, BJ Ball Business Development Manager

Here is a quick summary of some of the cool ideas coming up:

Digituff – This is a range of recyclable (PET#1) synthetic stocks suitable for dry toner machines (SRA3), great for short runs. Eliminates the need for laminating (which is bound for landfill). There is a range of thicknesses in white plus a frosted and a clear. Great for wobblers, necktags and chilled/wet environments.

Metaliks – This is a 330gsm board with either a silver, gold or bronze reflective solid foil on one side, suitable for dry toner machines (SRA3). Ideal for postcards, luxury product packaging, eye catching neck tags.

Maine – A white coated stock with a 60% recycled content (FSC certified), suitable for offset/HP Indigo & dry toner. Ideal for flyers, brochures etc where you want to highlight a recycled content in your marketing material.

Multiloft – This is a multi-layer product suitable for offset/HP Indigo & dry toner, that can be layered to create a 634gsm card (or thicker, you choose). Images below show the colour range. Great for business cards.

Knight – This is a surprisingly affordable, specialty, uncoated range in smooth, vellum, linen and hammer with a range of weights. Suitable for offset and dry toner. Great for brochures, stationery, invitations, booklets.

Sovereign – This is an Indigo suitable stock similar to Knight Smooth which also goes up to a 400gsm.


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