10 out of 10!

Question: What’s the cheapest way to display your logo all year round?

Answer: By using a Promotional Calendar

Calendars are seen on average 10 days a time – every day throughout the year, so it makes to provide your customers with a great looking calendar featuring your brand.

Here’s another 10 reasons to add calendars to your marketing mix today:

  1. Visual appeal for your brand
  2. Command of wall space or desk space
  3. Controlled targeted distribution
  4. Remarkable cost-effectiveness
  5. Creative design to fit your brand
  6. Year-long high visibility of your brand
  7. High perceived value for gift giving
  8. Useful for personal record keeping
  9. Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars per year
  10. Versatile styles, colours, formats and designs

Take a look here at the huge range of great looking calendars we can produce for you or contact us here to discuss options and request samples to suit your brand and customers.


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