Bearing 360 Branded Merchandise

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Project Overview

Bearing 360, an NZ freight and shipping solutions company based in Auckland, held a special event for their staff earlier this year. To help make the team feel special and valued for all their hard work, everyone was gifted with a beautiful selection of branded and, in some cases, personalised/named merchandising including a Swift Cap, a Sols Prime Polo Shirt (with their name across the back), a Steel Pen (with the company logo and personal initials on each), a Tote bag and clear vinyl stickers cut to shape with each name plus named tent cards for the occasion.

Collating and printing all these items for the Bearing 360 was a really fun project, and we especially loved receiving these photos showing how great everything and everyone looked on the day!


Bearing 360  Branded   Maerchandise   Pure   Print   Tauranga