Zuccess at our Xmas Zucchini Growing Competition

Each year we have a bit of fun with a vegetable growing competition of some kind which creates a bit of fun and interest in the lead-up to Christmas plus provides us with some delicious results and plenty of entertainment at our end-of-year Christmas gathering.

This year, the mighty Zucchini was the highlight of our season as well as a source of much humour. Also, surprisingly, bringing out some fierce competition among all participants with crops being closely guarded and nurtured.

Some photographic evidence along the way only helped to spur on our competitors who produced a rather interesting variety of crops which were weighed, measured and judged at our Christmas party.

A big congratulations to all our winners (big & small), including:

  • Largest Zucchini - Grant Wilson
  • Smallest Zucchini - Robert Smith
  • Biggest Girth - Alex Hunter
  • Largest Crop - Jude Terry